2016 – It’s a wrap

Well that was 2016 – went quickly didn’t it? Remember I promised to show you some of the projects the clever Apatcheez finished last year but which didn’t fit into the last post? Well here they are. Make yourself a cuppa and sit down because there’s quite a list –

First up are the Tasmanians. You might recall that two ladies in particular had taken to vinyl mesh and were sewing up a storm. There were so many individual photos I had to make a collage and even now I’m not exactly certain I’ve covered everything. These are Clare’s creations –

clares-bag-collage 2016 - It's a wrap

and these are Robin’s –

robins-bags-e1483948176307 2016 - It's a wrap

Now bear in mind this is the output of just two ladies in the group – beggars belief doesn’t it! img_5381-e1483948298371 2016 - It's a wrap

In the second last week Faith came armed with her latest undertaking – this was a very popular pattern last year and Faith made it her own with a very unique method of embellishment –

img_5379 2016 - It's a wrap

Does Santa’s beard look familiar? Well it was kindly donated by Faith’s cat! Don’t sit still too long at Faith’s place or you could end up as part of the project!

img_5386 2016 - It's a wrap

Never one to rest on her laurels Faith also brought in this beauty and another –

img_5393 2016 - It's a wrap

Faith certainly knows how to motivate a crowd and so it was necessary for me to travel to Melbourne for AQC – the wholesalers’ quilt show – to find new and exciting projects for 2017. What I really noticed was the flair for visual merchandising that has gripped the industry. Everything is very professional but the artistic side shines through too. Here are a couple of excellent stalls –

img_5535 2016 - It's a wrap

Well Tilda was always very pretty and their Honey Pot collection doesn’t disappoint.

img_5709 2016 - It's a wrap

And then there was the sheer genius of Cottage Garden Threads. This vignette was to advertise their new range called ‘Stitchers Palette’.  See what they did with the thread – brilliant!

img_5710-e1483948838859 2016 - It's a wrap

Many of the Apatcheez are big fans of these threads and you can expect to see them ‘in store’ this year.

What is already in store is the ‘Mod Corsage’ fabric range by Anna Maria Horner. These fabrics are so hot I haven’t even put them on the website yet but here they are in a fabulous quilt –

img_5533-e1483949121322 2016 - It's a wrap

While we were in Melbourne we took a trip to the Arts Centre to check out the Kylie costume exhibition. My sister is a big fan and I have to say I was very impressed to see the quality of garments and the famous designers Ms K had at her disposal. Imagine sewing this frock up on your deadly treadly –

img_5474 2016 - It's a wrap

We also stopped by the National Gallery to see the Victor and Rolf exhibition and wandered through the atelier which is supposed to be for kids but hey we’re all kids at heart.

img_5490 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5492 2016 - It's a wrap

The little number above is very similar to what I generally wear to the supermarket, maybe not.

Meanwhile, back at the salt mines things were heating up. It was the last week and finished projects were coming out the rafters. Bindings were being sewn on in front of the TV and hanging sleeves were being attached like there was no tomorrow. And because it was the festive season we had visitors…

One day we had a great treat when an Apatchee from long ago (around four years) came back to visit us. The Tuesday group welcomed Sue from UK/Canada back to the colony and we had a little party to celebrate. This involved eating a lot of chocolate which is never a bad thing.

img_5862-e1483950201715 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5866-e1483950236750 2016 - It's a wrap

You’ll notice that Mr Bowie photo-bombed the first picture and I should tell you that his successor – Elvis Presley – my next quilt – is finished and is now in the US awaiting his fate. Unfortunately I am bound not to show you any part of the quilt so you will have to wait a little to see the result. He was made entirely from Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric so he is quite bright – that is all I can tell you.

The Tuesday night group cheered when Tracey finished her very sweet baby quilt – aren’t polka dots the best!

img_5869-e1483950587877 2016 - It's a wrap


When the human power station that is Faith turned up with this pile of ‘finished’ on the last Wednesday everyone else just quietly sighed ‘you win’

img_5725 2016 - It's a wrap

And we all thought her family, who are the recipients of all these beauties are just so lucky, lucky, lucky – ooh there’s Kylie again…

img_5736 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5738-e1483949685417 2016 - It's a wrap

Everyone’s rellies are getting a set of these next year so I hope you like them! We did.

img_5743 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5744-e1483949757757 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5745-e1483949805495 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5746-e1483949835669 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5749-e1483949889939 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5751-e1483949920545 2016 - It's a wrap


img_5753-e1483949954450 2016 - It's a wrap

Thanks to Robyn for being the human quilt hangar for Faith.

Others did try to vye for the championship as you can see –

img_5871-e1483950702600 2016 - It's a wrap

Lynda finished her magnificent sashiko quilt which really needs to be seen to be appreciated.

And Elaine zoomed through kilometres of thread to create a few last minute Christmas gifts –

img_5878 2016 - It's a wrap

while Margaret whipped up a boro bag as well –

img_6063-e1483950818201 2016 - It's a wrap

not to mention three fabulous shoe bags for my Christmas gift which were immediately utilised!

Sharyn finished her kaleidoscope quilt which is made up of only one fabric in the centre –

img_6068-e1483950846312 2016 - It's a wrap

and newcomer Jan showed us two of her creations which piqued everyone’s interest – img_5885-e1483950974138 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5890-e1483951018756 2016 - It's a wrap

Finally probably the most Christmassy project was the culmination of several years work for Dee when she finished her magnificent Santa. Again this one has to be seen to be believed. It’s a masterpiece.

img_5915-e1483951388149 2016 - It's a wrap

img_5921 2016 - It's a wrap

dees-santa-collage 2016 - It's a wrap

Another year down (the eighth) and I have been amazed by the Apatcheez creativity and productivity – and also by the fact that the classes are welcoming and a nice place to spend a morning or evening. Thanks to everyone for your support and I look forward to seeing what you can do in 2017.

Classes start again on Tuesday 31st January and I am looking forward to having lots of new things to show you. Of course if you need an emergency supply I am generally here and this week we had an unexpected visit from Carol and Bill from Canada. Carol runs her local guild and I am hoping we can exchange information to keep up with our northern hemisphere cousins.

As many of you know, Luvvy, the teenager-in-residence and I had Christmas in Tokyo this year. One of the nice things about being there was seeing my nephew who has lived in Kyoto for some time. He brought his girlfriend to visit us and, blow me down with a feather, it turns out her mother runs a quilt shop in Spain!

As I tell the teenager-in-residence, the quilting fraternity is international and we have contacts everywhere. Isn’t it marvellous!

Until next time – happy quilting













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cheryl de amicis
cheryl de amicis

Great post as always kaye. Im looking forward to getting back into Tuesday nights again this year with you all! Cheryl x

Sue Burchett
Sue Burchett

Hi Kaye, Thanks for the collage or photos and your facinating comments. Just wonderful to finish off 2016. Looking forward to being more present in 2017. Looking forward to seeing Elvis, im sure just as fabulous as David!!!!! C ya


Hi there from Marge at Murwillumbah,now thanks fo a great report. I really enjoy your posts, e photos and all the news. Keep it up. Wish I lived closer to you. Regards. Marge

Robyne Spring

Happy New Year Kaye! The blog is always entertaining and brim full of creative genius. Looking forward to 2017!!

Lynette Henry
Lynette Henry

Lovely blog as always. Hope I will see you in 2017 – have decided to extend my contract in Sydney until end July. Then we will have a holiday in Scandinavia. I am only going to be working part weeks in Sydney so I will pop in when I can. Best wishes for 2017. Cheers Lynette Henry

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