Queen’s birthday weekend

Having a lovely time this weekend doing all things quilty. After spending weeks trying to get my new website up and running I put that all aside this weekend.

A free evening on Friday (just me and the muts) inspired me to try to finish one of my UFOs – a souvenir from Strasbourg at Christmas – and indeed I did manage to complete the entire project – a sewing machine cover – by Sunday night.

image9 Queen's birthday weekend

An early morning call on Saturday to take the teenager-in-residence to soccer meant I was back in time to travel over to Mexico (the south side of Brisbane for those not in the know) to attend the Beenleigh Quilt Show.

These girls know how to put on a show and there was entertainment, lots of quilts, demonstrations, stalls and cake! The theme was military and everyone received one of the poppies when they entered. I tried to take photos of a selection of techniques including piecing, appliqué, stitcheries and so on so hope you enjoy:image10 Queen's birthday weekendimage11 Queen's birthday weekendimage12 Queen's birthday weekendimage13 Queen's birthday weekendimage14 Queen's birthday weekendimage15 Queen's birthday weekend

image17 Queen's birthday weekendimage20 Queen's birthday weekendimage21 Queen's birthday weekendimage22 Queen's birthday weekendimage23 Queen's birthday weekendimage24 Queen's birthday weekendimage29 Queen's birthday weekendimage27 Queen's birthday weekend

image31 Queen's birthday weekendHow was that for a visual feast? And yet there’s more…

Another early start on Sunday led to breakfast at Woody Point where it was a beautiful day. I took this photo of a windsurfer enjoying the sunshine and the wind of course. Can you see him on the board?

image28 Queen's birthday weekend

Bugger – just missed him

The Apatcheez were also busy last week and produced quite a few projects which they were happy to share…..

image2 Queen's birthday weekend

Jan finished her amazing three dimensional project and it caused quite a bit of interest in class. Here are some close-ups…image3 Queen's birthday weekend

image4 Queen's birthday weekend

Margaret wanted to try out printable fabric and turned her trial into this beauty…

image5 Queen's birthday weekend

Not content with that effort, she also finished bespoke table setting again with cats – is there a series developing I wonder?

image6 Queen's birthday weekend

But wait there’s more! She also showed us this beauty – what a great design and what great use of novelty fabric.

image7 Queen's birthday weekend

Does that woman ever sleep? Apparently not. It is always exciting to be around someone who has so much enthusiasm for quilting and wants to make EVERY quilt. I know how she feels.

Speaking of excitement we had a surprise last week when Cathy from Cathquilts Bits n Bobs came to visit. We have been following her sea change on her blog Cath@Home but it was great to hear her stories first hand.

image8 Queen's birthday weekend

If you want to read about a wonderful crafty lifestyle check out her blogs.

And now to indulge in a little more of my crafty lifestyle. Until next time happy quilting.



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