15 minutes of fame…

Excitement at Apatchy this morning. I may have mentioned (a couple of hundred times) that my quilt ‘My Top 40’ was chosen to represent Queensland in the upcoming Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne. Indeed several Apatcheez will be making the pilgrimage to the Exhibition Building and will see it there.

So… the latest email from AQC talks about the quilts that are on show and provides a link to the ‘Best of the Best’ page – and whose quilt is featured do you think???? So proud – thanks Lesa for early phone call telling me!

aqc-page 15 minutes of fame...

Until next time

Happy quilting – really happy quilting


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Not 15 minutes of fame———4 days at the Best quilt show in Aust and at least a years worth of bragging rights———and think of the fame you will get from your next David Bowie! Congratulations and we will fight through your adoring fans to see the quilt in all it’s glory in Melb. Faith >

Dee Gaudern

Well done, always knew you were a star. What an achievement, wait until they see David Bowie, that will blow them away.
Congratulations, well done, we ( the Wednesday group) are very proud of you.



That is so exciting. Can’t wait to see it. I’m getting very excited now.


Such a brilliant achievement Kaye…..very well done. Pat

Robyne Spring

Congratulations!! You are a creative genius. R xx


Congratulations Kaye. So thrilled for you, proud of your creativeness and achievement too. Feels a little bit special to be one of your “Tribe”. Sharyn

June Fitz

Of course the best is chosen to represent an event. The rest of Australia now knows our hidden secret. Congratulations from all members of the Tuesday Morning Cheer Squad.

Sue Burchett

Congratulations and well deserved. Can’t wait to see it in sittu!!

Pat Jefferies

Congratulations Kaye, hope to catch up sometime soon Pat Jefferies

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Heather Knowles
Hi Kaye, I am a quilter from regional Victoria and I have just returned home from AQC in Melbourne where I was lucky enough to see your wonderful quilt “My Top 40”. I stood for ages alongside many women of varying ages as we all tried to work out which musicians were included in your top 40. There was agreement and disagreement amongst us but it was fantastic to see so many women having a conversation about the contents of your quilt. As a child of the 60s, 70s and 80s and an avid music fan I am intrigued by… Read more »

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