A challenge for you

After the ups and downs of the past couple of weeks you might like to see some photos of the wonderful projects the Apatcheez have made. And there might be a challenge announcement somewhere in here too. Now it’s been a while since you saw photos so prepare yourself – 

Firstly Esther, who lives in Denmark, finished her version of The Edwardian House and made it sing with the bright fabric choices. Esther has a great blog too so check it out.

Esther-Olesen-French-Collection A challenge for you

Margaret just made it with this baby bundle – a very practical gift – 

margarets-bag-and-baby-stuff-e1501740710242 A challenge for you

Robyne wowed us with her amazing hexagon quilt

robynes-quilt-e1501741012102 A challenge for you

Jan was under pressure but finished another big quilt – this one a boro-inspired creation as a souvenir of a recent trip to Japan

Jans-quilt A challenge for you

Suzanne had fun making reversible bags – here are the first two – 

Suzannes-bag-2-e1503904377564 A challenge for you

Suzannes-thread-catcher-e1503904430804 A challenge for you

I was asked to speak at the Australian Sewing Guild and while I was there Carol was inspired enough to whip us this bag – 

Carols-bag-e1503904488750 A challenge for you

Speaking of bags, when we were at Maryborough one of the Tasmanian Apatcheez – Robin – brought some of her  finished projects for us to see –

 Maryborough-Clares-bag-2 A challenge for you

Maryborough-Clares-bag A challenge for you

Love the label! And here is an almost-finished quilt using the Aviator fabric range – 

Maryborugh-Clare-Aviation-quilt A challenge for you

Thanks for visiting our stand. Meanwhile back in Brizzie Suzanne was making more reversible bags – 

Suzannes-bag-1-e1503904793435 A challenge for you

Suzannes-bag-reversible A challenge for you

Joananne went to a felting workshop and made art – 

Joanannes-shell A challenge for you

Joanannes-water-drop A challenge for you

Faith continued her amazing output and finished this amazing hexie quilt 

Faiths-hexie-quilt A challenge for you

Not to be outdone, Carol finished her beautiful two-piece redwork project 

Carols-redwork A challenge for you

Meanwhile Julia finished her stained glass wallhanging just in time for a family event – 

Julias-stained-glass A challenge for you

And here’s a close-up of this amazing work – 

Julias-stained-glass-2 A challenge for you

Debbie, who is a member of the Australian Sewing Guild as well finished this great hold-all –

Debbies-holdall A challenge for you

and it does!

Debbies-holdall-2 A challenge for you

Jan finished this lovely bag using a Tilda Club project pack – 

Jans-Tilda-purse A challenge for you

Sharyn has been busy too – finally, after some grief, she did a lovely job of these two Delft wallhangings and had enough fabric left to make placemats- 

Sharyns-delft-quilts A challenge for you

And who wouldn’t want these bespoke curtains in their house – 

Sharyns-curtains A challenge for you

And if you suffer from the sewing strain of ADD what else would you do?

Sharyns-pots A challenge for you

Go Sharyn! But now you’ve got Faith coming back with this awesome needle-turned masterpiece

Faiths-needleturn A challenge for you

And then a little boy, who waited very patiently, finally received this fabulous gift from Estelle

Estelles-Thomas-quilt-Copy A challenge for you

As you can see it has been all go here – and there are few more projects to show you but that might do for this post.

Now I did mention at the beginning that there was a challenge to be announced. So… as usual, at the end of the year we will have a Christmas party/Challenge event. This year the Secret Santa present will again be a handmade Christmas gift and the theme for the challenge is….drumroll….’Wild Thing’

Now this could be wildflowers, wild animals, wild life, wild fabric – your choice. Just make it a quilted item and have fun. Here’s some inspiration to be going on with – not so much wild as mild but it’s not easy running a multinational quilting business and looking after the ladies at classes….

Pozzie-and-Charlie-on-duty A challenge for you

Until next time happy quilting


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