And the winner is….

Big news! Karen Kay Buckley has won Best of Show with her quilt ‘Majestic Mosaic

202_majestic And the winner is....

She is the designer of our Block of the Month Fiesta quilt

2014-qlt-seven-inches And the winner is....



She is also recovering from heart surgery and we wish her all the best. Also recovering from surgery is my No. 1 son and I would like to thank everyone for the waves of positive energy we all received! Everything went well and he is “ticking all the right boxes”.

Until next time happy quilting


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thats fantastic Kaye

Dee Gaudern
Dee Gaudern


Thanks for the amazig photos of the quilts from the show, I find it hard to believe that is a hand/machine made, it is so beautiful.

But, above all, I was delighted to hear your Son has come through the Op and ticking all the boxes, what a relief it must be for all of you

Once again I send my best wishes to you and the family, and I wish your son for a very speedy recovery.

See you soon.


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