Art Attack

Another exciting day with a visit to the open day of the Textile Art Academy. There was an array of amazing creations both from the artists and their students. The academy has been running workshops this week and the creativity of its members was evident today. From artist’s books to monoprinting (with Sandra Pearce) and from basketry to felted creations the whole place was a feast for the eyes and a great source of inspiration.  It was difficult to avoid bringing everything home (and indeed there is an addition to the decor in the workroom).

Svenja, a textile artist who lives here in Brisbane, had a display of her work with some amazing wearable art from dyed silk scarves to a siren of the sea.   Here are some photos to whet your appetite.

image30 Art Attackimage29 Art Attackimage28 Art Attackimage27 Art Attackimage26 Art Attack

Ok so not what you’d wear down to the corner shop for a loaf of bread but pretty special aren’t they! Actually my friend Jan and I were commenting on many of the ladies who wore distinctive clothing – all individually designed artwork. Not only were these artistic statements but some were entirely personal. One lady wore what was essentially of travel journal. Each area of the piece had embroidery or appliqué that referred to some part of her trip to Western Australia. I would love to have a more avant garde wardrobe but wouldn’t dare wear something too bohemian. Rather sad as this would be a wonderfully tactile way of exploring my fascination with textiles. Maybe one day…… What about you? Would you like to be less beige sometimes?

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Lynette Henry
Lynette Henry

Looks beautiful. But I’m less beige anyway. You can tell when I open my mouth. Back in sunny Sydney. Hope to be back soon. Best wishes Lynette

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