Breaking the drought

I gather you haven’t appreciated the silence over the past month. Sometimes you can either do things or write about it – this past month has been the former. And the Apatcheez haven’t been left behind. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Teresa finished a large project…

img_3288 Breaking the drought

and a small one…

img_3289 Breaking the drought

Suzanne’s sashiko proved difficult to photograph at its best

img_3298 Breaking the drought

Susan finished her magnificent hexagon quilt that has been slowly coming together this year. This one is so large that it was impossible to photograph without the ceiling and the floor getting in the way –

image-e1469447499507 Breaking the drought

and Robyne treated us to another award-winning quilt –

image1 Breaking the drought

Gail McMahon came back to Apatchy to teach us about our sewing machines – considering some of us, not looking at anyone in particular, didn’t necessarily know what foot did what.

On the day some listened to the teacher…

img_3316 Breaking the drought

Some were a bit worried about the size of the problem…

img_3314 Breaking the drought

Others turned off and tried to write fake sick notes from their Mums so they could go home at lunchtime…

img_3325 Breaking the drought

while others lost it completely and tried to cut the legs off their trousers.

img_3330 Breaking the drought

We all learnt about what to do with the strange things that lurk at the bottom of the sewing tool box

img_3348 Breaking the drought

And we also found out the four things you can’t live without if you want to continue with this sewing lark. I will have to tell you about those another time. By the end Gail had taught everyone so much we all felt confident to go it alone…

img_3368 Breaking the drought

A little later in the month…Joananne finished her bag from the last class..

img_3378 Breaking the drought

and customised it by adding this cute dachshund instead of the two cats on the the original pattern

img_3379 Breaking the drought

and then she turned her hand to felting with this beauty…

img_3383 Breaking the drought

Faith wowed us with her magical Faraway Tree

img_3388 Breaking the drought

and then added even more detail before handing it over to the lucky recipient.

img_3406 Breaking the drought

Debbie tried to hide from her latest finished masterpiece

img_3403 Breaking the drought

and Sue finished this delightful hexagon bag which everyone now wants to make…

img_3452 Breaking the drought

Meanwhile Jan and I went off to the Maryborough Quilt show.

img_3408 Breaking the drought

Jan objected to a photo – don’t know why. She says that everyone thinks she is me because I always photograph her at the shows. He he he

The quilt show had a competition and here are some of the entries. I can’t tell you who made them because they don’t have name tags..

img_3413 Breaking the droughtimg_3414-e1469447919116 Breaking the droughtimg_3415-e1469447948231 Breaking the droughtimg_3418-e1469447975541 Breaking the droughtimg_3419-e1469448005291 Breaking the droughtimg_3420-e1469448027683 Breaking the droughtimg_3421-e1469448053145 Breaking the droughtimg_3422-e1469448095414 Breaking the droughtimg_3424-e1469448125432 Breaking the drought

Now don’t say I don’t take you anywhere nice!

And finally … I had a birthday and was overwhelmed and very grateful at the generosity and kind wishes from my lovely ladies.

img_3471 Breaking the drought

Thank you very much and until next time (when I’ll show you some more pictures)

Happy quilting



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Yolande James
Yolande James

Thank you Kaye. I did enjoy this. Loved the quilts and the bags.


Oh my goodness that’s so funny ..loved reading that ….
My sick note from mum failed to let me off for the afternoon and then to top it off Pozzi ate my homework !

Estelle Richardson
Estelle Richardson

Lovely to see everyone’s work over these past months ,it makes me feel very homesick should be there in a fortnight, keep up the good work cheers Estelle

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