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Dream a little dream

Quite an eventful week here. We had a special visit from Nicola and her lovely mum to introduce us to her beautiful daughter Isla Rose. She is such a bright eyed little baby and so small! She does look a bit surprised doesn’t she? The teenager-in-residence went to his first big concert this week. He has been a big fan of Mr Rose for some time now and was very excited to see the man… Continue Reading

Apatchy is a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2013!

Yippeeio-ki-yay! I am proud to announce that Apatchy Quilting is a finalist in the 2013 Australian Small Business Champion Awards. This prestigious national program of awards was designed to recognise the achievements of small businesses in the retail, service and manufacturing industries. Small businesses across Australia are invited to submit an entry and the selection of finalists is based on business history, marketing, customer service, community involvement and the highlights of the past twelve months…. Continue Reading

Monday Musings

As many of you know I am very keen on art quilts and have indulged in a few creations myself. Currently there is a controversy raging in the quilt world – started when a quilt was displayed at the recent Modern Quilters Convention. This quilt comprised of many blocks – all featuring the ‘F’ word. Blogland has been very busy with those for and against the display/making of this quilt – and the commentary has become… Continue Reading

Help the Blue Nurses

After Trudy’s funeral last week several of us decided a charity quilt would be a good thing to do. As the Blue Nurses helped Trudy stay at home where she wanted to be, and had been her favourite charity we decided they should be the ones to benefit. So… all who are interested – we will do a block 10″ finished (so hand it in at 11″ or over) based on a simple flower (ie… Continue Reading

And the winner is………

Drumroll please. As we have now reached 20 comments I have used the random number generator to dtermine who will win the prize. And the winner is………………. Karyn Hewson. A pack of fat quarters will be winging its way to you very soon. Congratulations and thanks for your comments.

Farewell Trudy

A very sad day today as we farewelled our quilting sister Trudy who died on Sunday. I have put this off since that day because I didn’t want to think about her being gone. Trudy was a lovely lady who had a real zest for life and struggled through the awful illness of cancer with grace and humour. At her funeral today she was described as a wonderful mother and grandmother, courageous and loyal  – phrases… Continue Reading

Back in the Saddle

As the rain dries up and sunny skies abound all is now spic and span in the garden, school is in for the resident teenager and Apatchy is in full swing. We had four classes last week and, as usual, I am very impressed with all my ladies’ creative offerings. I have added a gallery to this blog so you can see some of their work. Some of these pieces are actually from September classes,… Continue Reading

The Aftermath

Having been battered by driving rain for several days it took all day to clean up the areas downstairs where the storm water drains overflowed. Now we have to get rid of the pile of debris from the raging winds. As you can see we lost quite a lot of greenery. This may take longer to clear!

Quilting Technophobe Makes it to the Digital Age

Ok well it’s taken a year but it’s finally here. After thinking about having a blog for a year I have now seen all the online tutorials and waded through zillions of other people’s blogs to get to this stage. So I’m a little behind the pack but better late than never. I am the voice behind the shop Apatchy Quilting but don’t stress this blog won’t be all sell sell. I would like it… Continue Reading

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