Double Gold!

All classes and some remote Apatcheez have been very busy making and finishing lots of projects but this post I wanted to show you the ‘Nature’ challenge entries. We had a record 17 entries and, since a picture paints a thousand words here are the photos of these wonderful entries. In no particular order:

Lynette’s butterflies –

img_7590 Double Gold!

Pat’s asymmetrical depiction of the four seasons –

img_7586-e1480930143495 Double Gold!

Suzanne’s very amusing testament to the unfinished –

img_7588-e1480930315617 Double Gold!

Robyne’s very sweet little Tilda birds –

img_7584-e1480930472856 Double Gold!

Faith’s chair cover adorned with Dresden plates and native birds –

img_7581-e1480930633126 Double Gold!

Bev’s French-braided rainbow fish –

img_7587-e1480930763532 Double Gold!

Chris’ whimsical beaded garden –

img_7585-e1480930879955 Double Gold!

Julia’s perfectly paper-pieced blue wren cushion –

img_7589-e1480931001387 Double Gold!

Sharyn’s upper class chook cushion –

img_7582-e1480931132124 Double Gold!

Joananne’s rhapsody of lilac and lavender –

img_7693-e1480931293601 Double Gold!

Robyn’s attic-window-view of a garden –

img_7578-e1480931436812 Double Gold!

Elaine’s thirsty magpie –

img_7577-e1480931559675 Double Gold!

Jan’s quilted teabags –

img_7574-e1480931683740 Double Gold!

Debbie’s vintage upcycling – sunshiny explosion – apologies that this quilt was draped over the piano so you can’t see the whole here –

img_7573-e1480931825368 Double Gold!

Margaret’s beautiful tree of butterflies –

img_7572-e1480932011930 Double Gold!

Teresa’s scene of Cradle Mountain – a wonderful souvenir of a recent holiday –

img_7570-e1480932143774 Double Gold!

and finally June’s reminiscence of a holiday to New Zealand –

img_7569-e1480932267778 Double Gold!

Oh and I made one too, which was only for display. I called it ‘middle Age’ –

img_7596-e1480932684536 Double Gold!

It was great fun trying to guess who had made each piece and it was extremely difficult to vote for just one – which is why we have Viewer’s Choice and I don’t have to choose one! As it happened there was a tie and the winners were………..Elaine and Margaret with their very creative artworks –

img_7705-e1480932482836 Double Gold!

Aren’t they amazing! these girls have certainly set the bar high for next year and it was mentioned that they are both Wednesday Apatcheez but we won’t go there now.

We had a great day with presents –

img_7598 Double Gold!

and lucky door prizes (thanks to XLN Fabrics for the bundles shown here) –

img_7593 Double Gold!

as well as the visual feast of the challenge quilts and some Christmas food – what else is there?

Until next time (when I’ll update you with some more finished projects) happy quilting






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