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It’s been a big week at Apatchy Quilting. One of the major items to report is that I made the front page of the latest issue of Down Under quilts magazine! That is to say my quilt has made the front page – see there in the bottom left –

img_7711-e1486386692429 Front page news

And not only that but inside there is a two page spread – yes two pages – on the making of what has become known as ‘the Bowie quilt’.

fullsizerender-7-e1486386783337 Front page news

It was such a thrill to see this in print and I have to say, to quote one of Bowie’s songs, this quilt has “opened strange doors that we’d never close again”. It must have inspired me too because I did some work on Sunday on another smaller work. Well what else are you going to do when it’s a heatwave outside and the air con beckons?

Apart from my creations, last week marked the beginning of classes for this year. Rather than holidaying in exotic places or re-arranging their sewing rooms, many of the Apatcheez had finished projects to share. And here they are to share with you…

Debbie and Jan started off the run with these fabulous items –

image Front page news

The sweetest Tilda bunny;

image1-e1486387007100 Front page news

A new project to hold other projects made by the untiring Debbie;

image2 Front page news

Jan finished this quilt with its whimsical embroidered details;

image3 Front page news

and then whipped this one up too. I think Jan is the first to finish her Foxley Village project or is there someone else out there that hasn’t been to show-and-tell yet?

image4-e1486388194952 Front page news

Not content with finishing large projects Jan also made this very cute purse from fabric the Apatchy Santa gave her;

image15 Front page news

oh and managed to make these two bags as well! Does this woman never sleep? Apparently not.

image5 Front page news

Meanwhile Angie showed us how to model an apron in a very professional way and that was about it for the evening class – not a bad run was it?

image7 Front page news

And so now the gauntlet was thrown down for the Wednesday girls – and they did not flinch. Dee was up first and brought in her collection of beautifully embellished tape measures. These are destined to be gifts during the year to those lucky enough to be on Dee’s good list. By the way the bunny in the middle of the top row is surrounded by grub roses – isn’t he delightful? Then the pink one next to that is covered with tiny beads. Actually they are all divine. Which one is your favourite?

image9 Front page news

Now you knew Sharyn was always going to be a contender and she brought in a pile of finished work. She’s been practising her free motion quilting, which is something we should all be doing, and she’s getting quite good at it too.

image10 Front page news

And then there was this Dresden plate runner;

image11 Front page news

and another made from leftovers from a sampler quilt. See what you can do when you actually use your scraps rather than filing them!

image12 Front page news

But wait there’s more;

image13 Front page news

and even more. These runners really have a lot of movement with the swirls of the pattern don’t they?

image14-e1486387751183 Front page news

Robyn has become very adept at making these hexie pouches and has been hounded by friends and family wanting one – you can see why can’t you?

I wonder what this week will bring – fame, glory, more quilting….

Until next time hope you have happy quilting


PS I do have some copies of the Down Under Quilts magazine in question if you’d like one. Apatchy Quilting will be selling them now – well you have to get behind a local product now don’t you?

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