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It is now day 5 on the expedition and the company remains in good spirits. Prepare for lots of photos, some of which you will have seen if you follow us on Facebook…

On Wednesday Petermus Maximus celebrated his big birthday by walking from Carlisle to Crosby-on-Eden. We enjoyed the sunshine and almost had to break out the sunscreen. Here are some sights…

image18 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage19 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage20 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the front

We arrived at our camp for the night – the Oakwood Park Hotel – to find that it was actually a large Georgian house beautifully decorated and with the most wonderful grounds teeming with sheep, chicken, ducks and even pheasants. The lady who owns the house had even made Petermus a birthday cake!

image21 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage22 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage23 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the front

image16 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage17 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the front

Yesterday we marched from Crosby-on-Eden to Lanercost. The fields were a little steeper but the glorious weather continued. One of the disadvantages of this walk is that there are often NO facilities in the small towns. This presents a problem for the female members of the company particularly.  I had to take advantage of the offer from an anonymous lady in Newtown to use her loo – an offer for which I will be eternally grateful!

image24 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage25 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage26 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage27 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage28 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage29 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the front

The last two photos are of Lanercost Priory. This is special because it is the first time that we see large parts of Hadrian’s Wall – that’s because the Augustinian monks who built the place knew where they could find a ready supply of stone when they came to build the priory – yes they ‘recycled’ the wall. They weren’t the only ones – many builders did the same but they did it in style. The border thugs regularly popped in to cause an ‘infinity of injuries’ until finally King Henry VIII shut it down in the great dissolution of the monasteries. Subsequently it was given to a nobleman and eventually English Heritage took over so everyone can enjoy it all.

Day 5 started with casualties. The selfie stick used to record a group photo at the start of each day cracked under pressure and threw its claw in. A memorial service was held before the expedition set off this morning.  The march was a little steeper again and some members of the legion had additional problems with their transportation. Petermus had problems when his boots took turns to attack him. Yesterday the left one inflicted minor injuries and today, for no apparent reason the right one assaulted him. Fortunately there were medical supplies in the garrison and disaster was averted. Indeed when he was asked if his toe was sore he replied “No, I can’t feel anything below my knee”. Good result.

Although there were a few clouds today the weather was still excellent and we actually walked beside the wall for much of the day. The scenery changed from riverbank to forest to rolling hills. The only problem the legion has with rolling hills is that while it may be a pleasure to go down, going up the next hill is not so enjoyable.

image30 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage31 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage32 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage33 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage34 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage35 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage36 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage37 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage38 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage39 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the frontimage40 Hit the Wall Tour -news from the front

Isn’t it magnificent? Until the next despatch….


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Yolande James

Wow! I think you are very brave walking all that way. Lovely scenery though. Yolande

Deirdre Gaudern
Deirdre Gaudern

Hi Wanderers, Thanks for this recent update it really sounds like you two are enjoying yourselves, and how lucky are you to have such good weather. It sounds like a difficult and hard walk, and I am impressed you are both managing it without major dramas. Obviously, you are both excellent ramblers. I cannot follow you on Facebook, as I don’t use it, so I am really enjoying these postings you are sending, thanks. Peter, do hope you had a good Birthday, what a pity you had to walk so far for that gorgeous looking BIRTHDAY CAKE, but, I bet… Read more »

robyn husband
robyn husband

keep those photos coming I am forwarding onto Bruce to inspire him,they are wonderful Kaye,Happy Birthday Peter,you” big hunk of spunk “you

Robyne Spring
Robyne Spring

Not only is your way with words brilliant your photos are exquisite!! Rxx

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