I’m All Shook Up

Ok the big news first…shameless self-promotion follows….. as you know I was asked to make an Elvis quilt for inclusion in the book ‘Inspired by Elvis’. This quilt was finished and sent off to the other side of the world in December 2016 but I wasn’t allowed to shown anyone until the book was published. So the first news is that the book has been published and is available on Booktopia  or from Angus and Robertson Online.  I haven’t actually seen a copy yet so I hope it looks good. Anyway the book includes 95 other art quilts that were, you guessed it, inspired by Elvis. So drum roll, for those who haven’t seen it yet here’s my ‘Goodnight from Elvis’ (and remember the brief was to make it wild).

Goodnight-from-Elvis-1 I'm All Shook Up

Ok if you’ve recovered from that let me tell you that all the quilts from the book will now tour the United States at various state fairs, quilt shows and so on for the next year. As well, the International Quilt Show (IQS) to be held at Houston in November has agreed to take 40 of the quilts and mine is one of those included. Yippee! We’re goin’ to Houston! But wait there’s more! The IQS in their wisdom is using the Elvis quilt as the face of the the Special Exhibits page and also feature it in their catalogue! So I am feeling pretty chuffed at the moment and I’m looking forward to getting to Houston to see it hanging there too!

IQS-Catalogue-with-Elvis1-1024x650 I'm All Shook Up                                 IQS-website-e1531101521401-690x1024 I'm All Shook Up

In other news the Apatcheez continue to delight everyone with their wonderful creations. Here’s what’s been happening since we last spoke:-

IMG_1680 I'm All Shook Up

Jane finished her William Morris inspired project

IMG_1685 I'm All Shook Up

and then Bev came in with another William Morris inspired design – both of them beautiful.

IMG_1688 I'm All Shook Up

The very clever Elaine surprised her Mum Carol with this delightful cushion on Mother’s day.


IMG_2009 I'm All Shook Up

We had Bev McClune back to teach us free motion quilting

IMG_2016 I'm All Shook Up

Several people have continued to practice their free motion quilting designs and there has definitely been progress!

IMG_2089 I'm All Shook Up

Meanwhile Margaret, who was busy volunteering for the Commonwealth games, still managed to finish these placemats – made from fabric brought back from South Africa;

IMG_2471 I'm All Shook Up

Suzie and Julie joined our Tuesday morning class and Suzie brought along this charming project to finish;

IMG_2505 I'm All Shook Up

And then another. Suzie uses a lot of the pastel range of Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics – showing that you don’t have to always use the hot bright palette

IMG_2508 I'm All Shook Up

Pozzie Dog was very pleased to see Julia back from her overseas holiday although she did take a while to get the treats out of her bag.

IMG_2510 I'm All Shook Up

As an example of passing on good karma – Robyne bequeathed her leftover scraps to Jane who made hexies from them and then transformed them into this fabulous bag

IMG_2552 I'm All Shook Up

and Robyn made this quilt for a friend who needed some TLC,

IMG_2553 I'm All Shook Up

and Dee made this whimsical baby quilt for a lucky new addition to the family.

IMG_2557 I'm All Shook Up

Elaine came back with a new embroidery design and aced it with this project. The metallic gold is so shiny and this photo doesn’t do it justice.

IMG_2565 I'm All Shook Up

Robyn finished another project – this one in masculine tones for her son

IMG_2567 I'm All Shook Up

with the back made from silk ties including his old school tie – what a great idea. I hope he appreciated all that effort!

IMG_2570-e1531103316128 I'm All Shook Up

Oh and since she doesn’t like to be bored, here’s another Robyn creation that is made up of friendship blocks.

IMG_2598 I'm All Shook Up

Because she is such a great teacher Bev came back to do a ‘Moving On’ free motion quilting class for the more advanced (practised) Apatcheez.

IMG_2669 I'm All Shook Up

At the end of June Julia brought along the newest member of her family for a visit. This one, called Poppy,  is giving her and Bruce sleepless nights!

IMG_2711 I'm All Shook Up

After being inspired by a photo taken on a visit to Jerry Coleby-Williams’ garden, and besides the fact that I was supposed to be working on something else,  I managed to start and finish this project within a month! I should probably mention here that the UFO project for July is your number 7 so better make sure that’s what you’re working on.  I’ll just check my list….

IMG_2717 I'm All Shook Up

Most people have used theirs to make bags but Jan used our new panel to make this chic quilt for a special person. 

IMG_2720 I'm All Shook Up

Suzie came back in with another triumph – again pastel Kaffe Fassett collective. And was Faith worried that she had a rival?

Faiths-southern-cross-1 I'm All Shook Up

No she was not. Here’s the Southern cross quilt which is destined to be used in a caravan

faiths-southern-cross-cover-e1531104147681-1024x500 I'm All Shook Up

and the topper that goes with it

Faiths-esther-aliu-garden-e1531104215347-948x1024 I'm All Shook Up

and while she was at it here’s another project – an Esther Aliu design that we all think is wonderful. We loved the fancy binding which looks like a peeper as well as the bright border.

Sharyns-owls-e1531104320605-917x1024 I'm All Shook Up

Sharyn was in present mode too and practised her newly-acquired free motion quilting skill to come up with these beauties.

Apatcheez-at-Malvern-Quilt-Show-1024x768 I'm All Shook Up

And finally, if you think I’m international with my art quilts, have a look at this. Here are some Apatcheez (Joananne and June from Brisbane in the back row, Sue S from Winchester UK,  Sue B from the Gold Coast and the honorary Gill from Cheshire) having an overseas meeting at the Malvern Quilt and Craft Show. As I say to Huw – quilters are everywhere so be careful what you do!

Until next time – happy quilting





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Marge Ribbons
Marge Ribbons

Thanks Kaye for all the great info. The Elvis Quilt is magnificent ,thanks for sharing it with us. All the best in Houston. The works of the other members is really inspiring. I am sad that I live so far away but thanks for all the inspiriTion. Regards. Marge. Ribbons

Anthea Franettovich
Anthea Franettovich

The Elvis quilt is fabulous Kaye!!!

Christine M Morrissey
Christine M Morrissey

Thank you Kaye, I love receiving your updates and the Elvis quilt is just superb!! Congratulations and have a wonderful time in Houston. I agree the work of the other girls is just a treat too. One day…

Lynette Henry
Lynette Henry

Kaye, Elvis is fabulous and well deserved recognition of an excellent job. I am most in awe and only wish that I could be doing more myself. But I’m plugging along with the 10th Anniversary Challenge and look forward to our August celebrations. Best wishes to all in Brisvegas. Lynette Henry


Hi Kaye, I called in to your studio in April while my son was at a job interview and you and your lovely group of quilters were wonderfully welcoming! Congratulations on the Elvis quilt -it’s a work of art! Have fun in Houston…

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