Laidley leaps into Spring

Jan and I are having a great time at the Spring Festival in Laidley. You can find us at the Uniting Church at the quilt show. Just follow the queue for strawberries and ice cream but be warned they are addictive. And so are the peach blossoms and the home-made cakes and, well you get the general idea.

As always the good folk of Laidley have done a sterling job and the show is a real hit. Come and see us tomorrow and stay for the street parade. Rather than me tell you about it any more here’s some photos:

image Laidley leaps into Springimage5 Laidley leaps into Springimage1 Laidley leaps into Springimage2 Laidley leaps into Springimage3 Laidley leaps into Springimage4 Laidley leaps into Spring

We brought the ‘Flowers for Trudy’ quilt as you can see and everyone has been very impressed and we have sold more tickets which is wonderful although it’s sad to think we may only have it with us for another couple of months.

Jan’s been busy doing demos:

image6 Laidley leaps into Spring

And the tablerunner Mum made was a big hit:

image7 Laidley leaps into Spring


Oh and did I mention the food?

image8 Laidley leaps into Spring


It’s the last day tomorrow so we look forward to seeing you.

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All the quilts look great. It will be sad to see the Trudy quilt go, but I am sure it will be much valued in its new home. You did not have to tease with the scones though! That’s another 5 kg on the hips just looking at the photo!

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