Lovely Laidley

I was chastised at Laidley Quilt show on the weekend for not keeping up with my blog posts. The lady in question was from Murwillambah and mentioned that she looked forward to my posts and noted that it had been a while….. Ok Apatcheez I’ve been a bit slack but here goes…..

Before we get to Laidley let’s recap what the ladies have been doing over the past couple of weeks. Margaret has been very productive and wowed us with this quilt for her friend…
image2 Lovely Laidley

Not to mention the pillowcases she made with printable fabric

image8 Lovely Laidleyimage9 Lovely Laidley

Naturally her friend was very impressed.

Lynette also made a quilt and pillow for her friend and we have seen this coming together over the past few weeks – isn’t it lovely?

image3 Lovely Laidley

While on the subject of people making quilts to give away, Robyn, who is always very generous with her creations finished this striking quilt which she donated to be raffled for an organisation which provides medical aid to women in Uganda.

robyns-uganda-quilt Lovely Laidley

Chris is still making quilts but had a little hiatus recently which produced this beauty –

image4 Lovely Laidley

Mum and Dad came up to help with the Laidley show and Mum brought a few of her recent pieces to show-and-tell. We didn’t know whether to be inspired or depressed when we saw what she’d been able to achieve in a couple of months. Here are just a few of the projects-

image5 Lovely Laidleyimage6 Lovely Laidleyimage7 Lovely Laidley

Impressive isn’t she??? Not bad for 85!

As I mentioned, the reason she was here was to help deliver the Apatchy experience to the good people of Laidley and their visitors. Dad lugged the boxes from the car (and back again when it was all over) and Jan and I arranged and re-arranged until we were happy with the stall. With Mum on customer service it was time for the show. The good people of Laidley put on a great show as usual and even ordered perfect weather. The little touches like the table decorations are just one sign that this is a special event.

image11 Lovely Laidley

Here are some of the quilts that were on display ….

image13 Lovely Laidleyimage14 Lovely Laidleyimage15 Lovely Laidleyimage16 Lovely Laidleyimage17 Lovely Laidleyimage20 Lovely Laidleyimage21 Lovely Laidley

The organisers made sure that each stall holder was also demonstrating their craft. We had Jan in charge of that department and she showed everyone how easy the hexies are to make into great projects. Speaking of great projects isn’t this lady’s necklace great?

image10 Lovely Laidley

Another demonstrator showed everyone how easy and satisfying hand quilting is to do. She certainly made it look easy…

image18 Lovely Laidleyimage19 Lovely Laidley

You can see how neat her stitching is in the photo above. She said she hopes to finish the quilting by Christmas – which shows you that quilting isn’t fast (especially if you do it by hand) and that it involves lots of work.

Of course it wasn’t all work – there was the street parade to watch on Saturday, lots of craft stalls to wander through to see what treasures you could find to bring home or maybe to eat there (don’t ask me about the incident involving the coconut ice stall. Let’s just say they made record profits this year). And let’s not forget the strawberries and ice cream. Laidley is famous for this delicacy and many people enjoy a serving after a hard day’s festival-going. Here’s a couple of people who did just that.

image12 Lovely Laidley

Until next time, happy quilting


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Yolande James

We really enjoyed our trip to Laidley quilt show. We do it each time it is on. I belong to a Monday morning embroidery group which meets at the Queens Park Kiosk.

Robyne Spring

Kaye I just love your blogs. Have you ever thought of writing a book that isn’t about ships. You definitely have the gift of art quilts but also of words!!
R xx????

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