News from the frontline

Fame is all very well but it does mean you have extra work to do. I found this out after the success of the Bowie Quilt. I mentioned in the last blog that he had managed to score a front page position and two-page spread in the latest Down Under Quilts magazine and I believe this particular issue sold out in many newsagents around Brisbane. One of my friends had to travel to Buderim to obtain a copy – now that’s persistence!

So far the exposure of this quilt has led to two speaking engagements, a commission for a book cover and a request for a quilt to be part of a silent auction. And of course now the pressure is on to come up with the next piece that has to be bigger and better. I’m thinking of going in a totally different direction for the next quilt but maybe I shouldn’t. I can see what Bowie meant when he said “Fame (fame) what you get is no tomorrow”. It’s exciting but it’s quite a ride is all I’m saying.

Adding to the stress is the fact that the blog has now been transferred to the website. The computer wallah has been nagging for some time for this to happen and so this epistle is the first on the new platform. Hopefully it all runs smoothly. If you already subscribe you shouldn’t notice too much difference – except that the gallery has to be filled with the photos of your finished works manually and I’m not totally up to date with that.

The administrative tasks and stress have been overshadowed by the Apatcheez and their enthusiasm. We continue to be awed in show-and-tell by the variety of finished projects. Here’s what we’ve seen this month –

Helens-quilt-e1487568594846 News from the frontline

Actually Helen finished this quilt some time ago but I neglected to add it to the last blog post – sorry about that Helen. This quilt is one of the many fabulous designs from  Smee Designs which have whimsical characters (which is why we love stocking their patterns) and Helen used Australian fabric to great advantage.

6-more-of-the-2nd-lot News from the frontline6-of-the-2nd-lot News from the frontline

Robin in Tasmania has continued her Guinness Book of Records attempt to sew the most bags – here’s the latest twelve! And she’s taught a class at the Australian Sewing Guild that resulted in another six – this girl is on a roll!

Meanwhile here’s what the local girls have been doing –

FullSizeRender-10 News from the frontline

Susan finished this Sudoku quilt and included fabric that I brought back as a gift to everyone from New York. I still have to make my American souvenir quilt so she’s ahead of me.

FullSizeRender-7 News from the frontline

Dee finished this project which had been in the ‘to-be-done’ pile for a while. It was too hard to hold up straight but you can see how spectacular it is.

FullSizeRender-9 News from the frontline

Speaking of spectacular, Robyne wowed us again with another brilliant quilt. She really is the master of colour – or should that be mistress – actually headmistress! I predict that this could be the recipient of another show ribbon – you heard it here first.

FullSizeRender-11 News from the frontline

FullSizeRender-13 News from the frontline

Chris does quilts that make you smile – and these two whimsical numbers do just that. They are so Chris and so happy. Who wouldn’t want to be the recipient of one of these? That’s two lucky munchkins.

IMG_7853-e1489372968144 News from the frontline

And another lucky munchkin is going to be on the receiving end of this project which Jan finished in double-quick time.

IMG_7859-e1489373125587 News from the frontline

Then Pat showed us her latest project – another for the littlies. Don’t you love the ribbon around the border to make it interesting for the baby!

IMG_7800-e1489373277726 News from the frontline

I apologise for the rather crappy presentation of this beautiful project by Debbie. One day I’m going to get a photo booth so we can take really good photos of the show-and-tell items. Until then, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Anyway you get the drift – they looked great.

IMG_7780-e1489373498571 News from the frontline

IMG_7785-e1489373594127 News from the frontline

Another one that’s hard to photograph is this Foxley Village completed by Faith. She used an interesting border technique to make it her own. 

Actually last week the Wednesday group was very lucky to see Faith demonstrate her method of needle-turn applique. Faith is self-taught and always wows us with the number of finished works she manages to complete while the rest of us are thinking about what we might like to do (like the one above). She is also a very generous lady who didn’t mind sharing all her tips and tricks with us. Of course I had to relate the demo to the rest of the classes and, although I didn’t do too badly I met up with Faith to make sure that I hadn’t misquoted her. We synchronised out notes and I intend to put them out as a ‘how to’ in the near future. Be warned though, Faith is not the “don’t worry it’ll quilt out” kind of sewer. This lady is all about accuracy and told us all that she often sews all night and then spends the next night pulling it all undone because you can see the stitches or if, for some reason, it doesn’t pass the ‘Faith-test’. If you want to up your game Faith’s method is the one to follow. But it’s not for sissies.

Speaking of which – rap is another hard game and one of it’s most famous sons is Kanye West. Now due to the teenager-in-residence being a fan and the fact that I was in creative-mode at the time my latest art quilt is a portrait of Kanye mid-song.

FullSizeRender-8 News from the frontline

I wanted to see how I could use negative space to denote a face. As it turned out I am going to donate this piece to the Qld Quilters’ Quilt Connect show for their silent auction so if you would like to own it you just have to bid. I told the teenager-in-residence that he’ll have to do the same. 

Until next time – happy quilting.






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