Ooh la la I see owls

The French Festival was held this weekend at Southbank in Brisbane and, as a devout Francophile, it was important to be there and be surrounded in all-things-French. From can-can dancers to crepes and an occasional glimpse of Marie Antoinette it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday (apart from the queue for the crepes).

image19 Ooh la la I see owls

image18 Ooh la la I see owls

image20 Ooh la la I see owls

Naturally it was essential to bring some joie de vivre home and that came in the form of macarons. Since I had a solo weekend (Luvvy and the teenager-in-residence were away visiting) that evening and the next were spent sewing more one-inch squares together for the “My Small World” project. Put it down to the lack of company but I may have spent a little while trying to incorporate the two – fabric and macarons that is. What do you think?

image9 Ooh la la I see owls image10 Ooh la la I see owls image11 Ooh la la I see owls image12 Ooh la la I see owls image13 Ooh la la I see owls image14 Ooh la la I see owls

It was almost as much fun finding fabric to ‘stage’ them as it was eating them. Actually, no, it wasn’t.

The Apatcheez were also busy this week. The glory for most finishes this week went to Chris. She brought these two quilts for show-and-tell, both of which featured rather wonderful owls.

image15 Ooh la la I see owls

image24 Ooh la la I see owls

We were all very impressed with these and the quilting that Chris has been perfecting. Well one of the group was just cold and preferred to take advantage of the chair quilt – literally!

image17 Ooh la la I see owls

Hope your week was productive too. Let me know what you did. Until next time happy quilting.


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I think you’ve got a new obsession? All that sugar must be helpful with your Small World.

robyn husband
robyn husband

love the Macarons and fabric nice calorie touch

Val Bunter
Val Bunter

Kaye, I thoroughly enjoy your emails. They make me smile. All the quilts your lovely ladies create inspire me to keep going on my “ooooonnnnn goinggggg” project.​

Loved all the French theme pics especially the fabric.

thanks Val

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