Quilt Soup

Did you enjoy seeing all the True Blue quilts yesterday? Ready for more brilliant quilts? Ok well here’s a photo bomb session like no other. I tried to get a photo of the quilt as well as a photo of the detail. So here we go:-

image37 Quilt Soup

‘Summer Rhapsody’, Joanne Johnson

image38 Quilt Soup

image39 Quilt Soup

An amazingly tiny hexagon quilt didn’t get the maker’s name sorry

image40 Quilt Soup

image41 Quilt Soup

‘Coxcomb and Currants’, Janet Treen

image42 Quilt Soup

image43 Quilt Soup

‘Through the Garden Gate’, Rose Lewis

image44 Quilt Soupimage45 Quilt Soupimage46 Quilt Soup

image47 Quilt Soup

A Michelle Hill extravaganza

image48 Quilt Soup

image51 Quilt Soup

‘Enchanting Stars’, Jacqueline de Jonge

image52 Quilt Soup

image53 Quilt Soup

Circle of Life, Jacqueline de Jonge

image54 Quilt Soup

image55 Quilt Soup

More Michelle Hill

image56 Quilt Soup

image57 Quilt Soup

Another one I didn’t get the name for

image58 Quilt Soup

And another

image59 Quilt Soup

‘Audrey’, Andi Herman

image60 Quilt Soup

image61 Quilt Soup

‘Aunt Millie’s Garden, Wendy Hunt

image62 Quilt Soup

‘Priscilla’, Bronwyn Hill

image63 Quilt Soup

image64 Quilt Soup

M is for Mast and M I’d for Mackenzie, Margaret Sampson

image65 Quilt Soup

image66 Quilt Soup

‘Quilt Police’, Liz McAnish, Elizabeth McCallum, Mavis Wright, Marilyn Hall and Barb McIlvain

image67 Quilt Soup

Quilted Wallpaper, Robyn Ginn

image68 Quilt Soup

So there you have the B’s for best in Show and Brilliant design. Tomorrow we’ll do C for the Celebrities I met and D for the direction quilting seems to be going in the ‘what trends I noticed over the past two days’.

Until then, happy quilting


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Brilliant! How good is the Audry one? I really wish I had been able to go……definitely next year!

Deirdre Gaudern
Deirdre Gaudern

Kaye, How amazing, how could you choose a winner, to me, they are all winners. Wish I was there to share the experience. Have a great time and keep sending the photos. See you soon, Dee

Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 11:07:09 +0000 To: dgaudern@hotmail.com


There are so many talented people out there WOW. Where do they get such brilliant ideas. Looking forward to more photo’s & hearing your adventures on Wednesday.
Now I’ll have to put the show on my bucket list. It was pretty full with unachievable things but maybe this one isn’t.


I’ve always wondered what the quilt police look like! Uniforms? Guns? I can sleep at night now! Love that quilt and all the photos and trends from the Melbourne show! Thank you Kaye!

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