Staying Sane

We are living in a time for which quilters have spent decades preparing themselves. Finally that massive stash can be utilised for your mental health. This is the new normal. I won’t add too much more noise about coronavirus as there seems to be enough of that around at the moment. Almost every email I receive tells me about safety restrictions or closures or both. This beast is putting a lot of businesses to the sword – physically with closures, economically of course and mentally. Many people are very anxious for themselves or loved ones and these difficult times have impacted many of them. Since I always work from home that aspect has not changed very much but there is certainly an air of disquiet hovering over us. As you know Apatchy’s classes have been cancelled and it is strange to have the room quiet. Charlie wonders where all his friends-with-biscuits have gone.

Charlie Staying Sane

Tea time is not quite the same without the lively conversation.

tea-for-one Staying Sane

Never ones to wallow in self pity though, quilters everywhere are stepping up to the plate – either working away on the numerous UFO’s they are finding in cupboards that have not seen the light of day for some time or else working for the community making essential items.

Brenda Wood, a longtime friend of Apatchy popped in last week and I was able to supply her with some fabric to make scrub hats for Caboolture hospital.

Scrub-hats Staying Sane

Togetherness is the one thing that this virus has stolen from us but again, quilters are working out ways around that. Some people are talking on What’s App and others through email or texts. For those on Facebook I have set up the Virtual Apatcheez messenger group. If you aren’t on that let me know. The ladies there have been very busy and, since all the classes are combined, they are meeting new people who they otherwise wouldn’t have known – which is lovely. We are finding out there who has a lot of time to sew and there are many finished projects that have been shared. Here are some – and these are only the finished projects. There’s been a lot more sharing of blocks and so on.

I think Lesli has won so far with the number of projects finished. We are all very jealous of her sewing time – or maybe she’s just more organised than the rest of us…here’s what she’s done in the last couple of weeks…

Lesli Staying Sane

Lesli2 Staying Sane

Lesli3 Staying Sane
Lesli4-1024x576 Staying Sane
Lesli6-1024x576 Staying Sane
Lesli7-1024x576 Staying Sane

And here’s Margaret’s projects….

Margaret Staying Sane
Margaret2-2 Staying Sane

And then there’s Debbie C’s bag….

Debbie-C2 Staying Sane
DebbieC Staying Sane

And Debbie L’s bag (and sampler quilt block)

DebbieL-1024x768 Staying Sane

And finally Meredith’s cushion…

Meredith Staying Sane

Some are even using snail mail. This arrived last week…

postcard-from-a-stranger Staying Sane

There are a lot of creative people in the world who have had shows cancelled (the resident rockstar is one). Many have taken to social media to share their particular talents. Again quilters are included and there are several ‘sewalongs’ or ‘quarantine quiltalongs’ to get us through. Here are a couple that you might like –

This one called Love & Hugs from Australia Stitchalong is made up of quite high-profile designers who are each providing a free pattern throughout april to keep people confined at home busy and entertained. Some are stitcheries and some are appliques. This one is Libby Richardson’s version.

libby-richardson Staying Sane

If you prefer pieced quilting then this project by Pat Sloan might be more your style. It’s a good way to use up novelty fabrics or you could make something more coordinated. It’s an interesting concept to make a quilt during this time – memorialising such a strange time in history with something tangible that would always remind you of when you made it. Pat does Youtube broadcasts every day so you can follow her there with her projects. She always has interesting tips and tricks and you don’t have to have Facebook to watch.

Pat-sloan-sewalong Staying Sane

Finally there is this project which is related to the slow stitch movement that we talked about in the last class (can you remember that far back?). This project is another generous effort from Sarah at A Little Happy Place and it involves a little stitching each day. Sarah does beautiful work and her website is a treat for the eyes.

a-little-happy-place-1024x1024 Staying Sane

I’m not affiliated with any of the above. They are just projects I’ve found when I’ve been aimlessly surfing social media. Maybe you have found some projects too. Let me know and we’ll share with everyone.

There is a lot more sharing going on too. Some is quite sweet like this one Sue sent me.

And much is humorous like this link June sent me.

Thanks everyone for keeping us all sane. Remember if there’s anything you need for your sewing supplies I should still be able to help you. Our suppliers are working hard to maintain supplies and are still operating in that goods can be received and despatched. So if you need anything that can’t be found in your very impressive stashes then give me a call and I can arrange for you to collect or I can post your goodies.

I’ll leave you with Lesli’s tablerunner appropriately set for Easter. It’s going to be a strange one this year – hope the bunny can get through.

Lesli5-1024x576 Staying Sane

With my very best regards in this most trying of times. Thank you for your continued support of my small business.

Until next time….Happy quilting


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Robyne Spring
Robyne Spring

Thank you Kaye. You are an inspiration to us all🌺

Helen Belfrage
Helen Belfrage

Wow, what great work these ladies are doing – must have had a wonderful mentor! I can vouch for her comments re the suppliers. Kaye managed to get in 8.5 metres of backing fabric for my Kim McLean quilt in 4 days. If only I could stitch that fast.

Lynette Henry
Lynette Henry

Can you put me in your Virtual Apatcheez Facebook group Kaye?

Carol Greenhalgh
Carol Greenhalgh

Hi from Kamloops, BC, 🇨🇦
I sew enjoy your blog, Kaye.your photos are so cheery,. The one of your garden brings back happy memories of our visit there.
Your ladies’ quilts are inspiring, love Meredith’s cushion.
Best wishes

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