Strangers in a Strange Land

It was very exciting to welcome three people from the United States to Apatchy over the past week. First we saw Gail and Leonard from Texas. They had come to Brisbane on a cruise and decided to visit us on the only day they had free – thanks guys.

Secondly we met the lovely Martha from Wisconsin. Again Martha had little time in Brisbane but chose to visit our Tuesday morning class. It really is lovely to meet quilters from other countries and find that we all still have so much in common (except for her homeland’s snowy weather which we here in tropical Brisbane can probably live without!) Here’s a photo of Martha and a couple of girls enjoying morning tea. She’s the one second from the right.

image8 Strangers in a Strange Land

And another in the classroom, working hard…

image9 Strangers in a Strange Land

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Martha Schott

It was the highlight of my Brisbane visit to “sit and sew” with you wonderful ladies! What a lovely group of women! You were all so welcoming and helpful in my pursuit of knowledge about Australian quilting and quilt shops to see in Sydney and Melbourne. I’m thrilled with the fabric I found at APatchy Quilting, and I can’t wait to make my Australian souvenir quilt! Your shop is just the best – complete with a garden view! Thank you, Kaye, for the warm and friendly welcome and a delightful visit and tour. Come visit us in the US!


[…] Remember the lovely Martha from Wisconsin who came to visit us in February 2013? Well she bought some Aboriginal fabric from Apatchy Quilting, and, because she […]

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