Thursday pow wow

The Apatcheez have been very busy this week with lots more projects finished. Prepare for photo-bombing…..

image5 Thursday pow wow

Estelle’s exceptional cushion

image6 Thursday pow wow

Joananne’s salute to Arsenal


image8 Thursday pow wow

Terrible photo of Chris’ fantastic tea cosy and latest work in progress

image9 Thursday pow wow

Robyn made this as a souvenir of New York for a very lucky boy

image10 Thursday pow wow

The first completed project from the hexie club – well done Jan

image11 Thursday pow wow

And here’s the back. Isn’t it lovely

As well as the above there are also some wonderful works in progress. Here’s a couple we saw around the table this week.

image12 Thursday pow wow

June’s sashiko is progressing nicely

image13 Thursday pow wow

Susanne’s first day at Apatchy and she’s right in the swing of things

image14 Thursday pow wow

What did the fox say? Hello to his woodland friends!

Actually there’s lots more but I’ll save that until next time. Except to say that we had several people start with Apatchy this week. Some came to learn a new craft, some for the company. Whatever reason it’s great to expand the groups. Now we have even more inspiration to draw on.

After talking a few posts ago about the difficulty of the 1/4″ seam we did have a couple of issues on Wednesday when Sharon and Emma’s second block in their sampler quilts just wouldn’t sew straight. Unfortunately some reverse sewing was required. Those of us in attendance tried to explain that we all make mistakes and that no matter how long we’ve been sewing or how advanced we are at it, the unpicker is still a necessary part of our equipment. C’est la vie. I hope they’re not too discouraged.

image15 Thursday pow wow

Third time lucky Emma!

image16 Thursday pow wow

Looking good this time Sharon. It’s definitely the right measurement now.

Nice one Apatcheez – you’ve done well!

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Estelle’s cushion is amazing.


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