Turning Japanese

Out today at the foundation piecing workshop we’re running with Hiroe Mogi – the expert of all things Japanese. Enjoying seeing the blocks coming together. Here’s some photos:

image14 Turning Japaneseimage15 Turning Japaneseimage16 Turning Japaneseimage18 Turning Japaneseimage19 Turning Japaneseimage20 Turning Japaneseimage21 Turning Japaneseimage22 Turning Japanese

but wait there’s more:

image23 Turning Japaneseimage24 Turning Japanese


image25 Turning Japanese


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Wow what a day. Great to learn something new. Will need help to be able to finish, a bit trickey, but good.

Lynette Henry

Shame I couldn’t make it. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Best wishes Lynette


Hope you will bring your work to Tuesday’s class. I would really like to see your efforts.


I had a wonderful time, and the fabric is on the table, along with the foundation paper patterns. When is this going to be done, as there are two other projects at the head of the queue! Hiroe was wonderful and it was fantastic to see some of her other works, especially the sashiko worked lady in traditional dress. I want the pattern!

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