Welcome to 2019 and don’t forget the red underwear!

Welcome to 2019 at Apatchy Quilting! As usual we are very warm here in Brisbane and the air conditioners are cranked up to give us some relief – which then gives us a perfect sewing environment!

I have many projects on the ‘to-be-done’ list and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into them after having a hiatus from sewing for many weeks. We spent over five weeks in Europe – Luvvy and I escorting our ten-year-old granddaughter through London, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and finally spending two weeks in Paris to celebrate Christmas and New Year. We certainly packed a lot into the time and made sure she saw as much as possible in the time we had. She completed a travel journal along the way and there are some very amusing entries which could be the basis for a book! Suffice to say a good time was had by all – here’s a couple of photos…

48991591_2250389965277726_1700442552521457664_n Welcome to 2019 and don't forget the red underwear!

47683027_272130540103062_5944307125042806784_n Welcome to 2019 and don't forget the red underwear!

48425190_976400895893045_7328941891930554368_n Welcome to 2019 and don't forget the red underwear!

We even found a couple of patchwork shops and naturally we had to browse, as well as the iconic embroidery shop in the hidden passages of Paris where a convert was made –

49169626_273093320022340_6047088119092609024_n Welcome to 2019 and don't forget the red underwear!

I hope you had a good break with family, friends, or just yourselves. It’s a good time to re-group and think about the coming year. For the first time I don’t really have any New Year resolutions or even a grand plan so it might be a bit spontaneous this year. Which is good too. We don’t want pressure to take the joy out of the journey. One of my favourite poets Mary Oliver died last week and I have a cushion embroidered with words from her poem ‘Summer Days’. It says “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life”.

Well hopefully sewing will be included in your list. If that’s the case you will be pleased to hear that Apatchy classes start again next week on 29th January and here you will meet quilters who actually do enjoy the process and have a lot of fun getting to the end result.

As fabric accumulation will also be a joyous thing for you, you will also be delighted to hear that we are starting the year off with a super sale (that’s a normal sale but with exceptional qualities).

sale-sign Welcome to 2019 and don't forget the red underwear!

Next week only, from Monday, you can enjoy 20% off all stock (apart from classes) and, if you’ve been clever enough to be a Geronimo Club member you will receive an additional 10% – so that’s a great big 30% off – one week only – here’s your chance to grab that fabric that’s been calling to you over the past few weeks! If you can’t make it to the store don’t despair – just mention SALE in your comments when you order online and you’ll receive the discount too.

Oh, and regarding the title of this post – While I was in transit in China, I had a conversation with a Chinese lady who happens to have been born in the year of the pig like myself. I mentioned that it would surely be a good year for us, as we would be in our birth sign year but she advised this was not necessarily the case. Apparently, this year is to be a challenging one for us and we need to increase our luck. She suggested buying red underwear and when I said I would have to do that she replied “I already have mine”. So, if you’re born in the year of the pig better race down to the lingerie shop post haste.

49457137_2257094687940587_7409937553429626880_n Welcome to 2019 and don't forget the red underwear!

Until next time happy quilting



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Looking forward to hearing all your news Kaye. Hope you can make it to our impromptu evening tonight


Can Tigers wear red underwear? Gonna miss the sale, Boo Hoo. Regards to all the ladies. Sharyn

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