Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to 2018 at Apatchy Quilting! I guess everyone has taken Christmas down and the lights have been packed away for another year and those of us who have school-age children are getting organised for back-to-school. In Brisbane we have been sweltering while our stitching sisters in the northern hemisphere have been freezing their proverbials. This means that it’s a great time to turn on the air con (or heater if you’re in the northern hemisphere) and stay inside and sew. And of course pop outside for a dip when the humidity is too much for you.

IMG_9717-Copy Welcome to 2018!

Even the visiting pooch got into the swing of things on Christmas Day at our house – and no wonder – it was HOT


Would you believe that this year in August we are celebrating our 10th birthday! With the number of quilt shops that come and go in this city alone I think that’s a pretty good statistic and a fabulous reason to celebrate. I am currently thinking of a cunning plan to add lots of exciting things to Apatchy this year to mark the occasion. Maybe you have an idea. If so I would love to hear it.

Speaking of feedback, after a decade of classes maybe it’s time again to ask you what you would like to see/do both in class and in the blog. As an incentive the first ten people to send me their (constructive) comments will go in a prize draw to win three fat quarters from the ‘Mermaid Days’ fabric range. In yesterday’s 37 degree heat we were all wishing we were mermaids so I think that’s appropriate.

Mermaid-Days-Just-keep-swimming-panel-in-multi Welcome to 2018!

Mermaid Days quilt fabric just keep swimming panel


Over the past (almost) ten years I have been amazed by the Apatcheez’ creativity and productivity. Last year was no exception and I have progressively been updating the gallery to share with you all. All the entries for the 2017 Apatchy Challenge theme ‘Wild Thing’ are here and they are really worth a viewing. Thanks to the fifteen ladies who entered this year. The more people who enter the more interesting the challenge becomes. Margaret took out the Viewers’ Choice prize this year with her magnificent African-themed quilt – 

IMG_9446-Copy Welcome to 2018!

1st prize – Viewers’ Choice –
Apatchy 2017 challenge Wild Thing – by Margaret


And Chris was runner up with her very humorous quilt here –

IMG_9449-Copy Welcome to 2018!

Runner up – Viewers’ Choice – Apatchy Challenge 2017 Wild Thing – by Chris


Our classes continue to be very popular and I have so many people on the waiting list I may have to add another class this year! I like how the classes are welcoming and a nice place to spend a morning or evening. Partly, I am sure, this is due to the ‘no politics’ rule. Thanks to everyone for your support for this and Apatchy generally and I look forward to seeing what we can do in 2018.

If you’re having trouble organising your UFO’s for this year you might like to join the 2018 APQ Challenge. The idea is that you number your UFOs from one to twelve. (If you have more than twelve you may need additional help – try adding more than one project to each number but remember that you have to work on more than one project each month if you do that).  Each month a number is drawn and that’s the UFO you work on. January is number 12 so I’d make that one a quickie since we’re already halfway through the month.

Classes start again on Tuesday 30th January to help with the rest of the year. We’ll be starting with a summer sale as usual but more on that later. Don’t forget to send me feedback and don’t forget the gallery.

Until next time – happy quilting


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Thanks Kaye !
Great to read your blog and get excited about coming back to a new year of quilting !
Regards suggestions ,would you like reviews of A-patchy?… Sure they’d all be 5 star .!
For possible classes … Would there be someone who could talk about designing quilts using design boards and also digital methods for deciding on design and placement of blocks etc


Wonderful blog Kaye,
Very special to reflect on the many achievements for 2017. Look out 2018!!
Apatchy Quilting deserves more than 5 stars for the services Kaye provides!
Perhaps a Christmas in July project which will be helpful to be better prepared for the end of the year.

Faith Mummery
Faith Mummery

Looking forward to Jan 31,seems a long time since last group sewing day.With the new year I would like some new challenges — one being trying landscape scenes with confetti pieces.I have been asked to do a sunset and need help working from a photo and maybe using confetti pieces.Perhaps others would be interested with this method.I’ll give the UFO Challenge a go too !

Dee Gaudern
Dee Gaudern

Kaye, I like the idea of the UFO challenge. I would like to participate, but won’t be able until I return from overseas on Feb 11th. Since it is going to be the 10th Birthday in August, how about we have a party, and we each bring a plate of food, so the he two groups can get together. Another thought, to celebrate the big year, get everyone to do one square, you select the size and colour (if you want) to put into a quilt and you choose a charity for it to be donated to ? Congratulations Kaye,… Read more »

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