What’s on your design wall?

After weekends filled with many distractions I did find a few hours to work on my next major project. This one is a tribute to a great artist and also a challenge. Personally I have tried life-like faces (some worked better than others but I learned about value and the importance of it in design)

image22 What's on your design wall?

Family Portrait for my sister’s 50th

and then went on to see if I could produce recognisable faces that were quite small (again some worked some didn’t)

img_5998-e1456629408430 What's on your design wall?

So now I want to make a face with really bright fabrics (think Kaffe Fassett Collective) that have lots of patterns – not normally what you would associate with face-making materials. Anyway here’s where we are – there’s no mouth or hair and the eyes are yet to be done and I’ll probably change quite a few things – but I can see him coming to life:

image7-e1456629581813 What's on your design wall?

The Apatcheez have been busy too but unlike me they have actually finished projects – here are some of them:

image4-e1456629735826 What's on your design wall?

I love this piece and OK well I did help my sister finish this one so I am biased but I think she did a brilliant job of her first art quilt!

image2 What's on your design wall?

Sharyn’s been very busy finishing the tablerunner and placemat set above as well as the quilt below – she is a machine!!

image5 What's on your design wall?

And many people have been working on the January apron project. Many have used the Melba fabrics or perhaps the Ella Basics range. Many used the turquoise or orange colours but Elaine wanted to be a little different and came up with this beauty from the greys of the range.

image6 What's on your design wall?

I neglected to show you some projects that I’d known about prior to last week so here they are now:

image13 What's on your design wall?

Suzanne made this zippered pouch – perfect for displaying her Geronimo jewellery.

lynettes-quilt-for-a-wedding-pressie What's on your design wall?

Lynette made this beauty for a wedding present. I believe both Lynette and the bride cried when it was handed over – rightly so.

So that’s the week that was – what do you have on your design wall? I’d love to see.

Better get back to Bowie – I can hear him calling me

Until next time – happy quilting



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glen coles
glen coles

Hi Kaye. Bowie’s brilliant!!! Cheers Di

Lynette Henry
Lynette Henry

Like all ur projects Bowie is fantastic. Love the idea of using bold colours. That was his alter-ego Zigger bold & over-the-top camp. Well done. Lynette


Kaye, you’re amazing. i love him. Debra

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