Winners are Grinners!

Well it has certainly been an inspiring weekend for some Apatchy girls – at the show at Brookfield two of our girls swept the awards – Lesa with her magnificent modern Baltimore and Chris with her wonderful tea cosies. Have a look at the photos and tell me they aren’t happy. Great work ladies, congratulations!

chris-as-winner Winners are Grinners!

lesa-champion Winners are Grinners!

What a champion!

And here’s the winning tea cosies:
image68 Winners are Grinners!

Chris is a winner!

image69 Winners are Grinners!

Chris wins again

image70 Winners are Grinners!

Chris makes her third cosy and takes a hat trick

image71 Winners are Grinners!

A little peep at Lesa’s prizewinning quilt

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Well done ladies.


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