Winner’s Circle

It’s been a while since we last spoke and much has transpired. Last time I told you about the Elvis quilt being featured in the Quilts Inc catalogue. Well the postie finally brought the parcel with the book!

3-Elvis-book Winner's Circle

and look who featured on the Table of Contents page – 

4-Elvis-table-of-contents Winner's Circle

If you want to read what I wrote, the book is available on Booktopia  or from Angus and Robertson Online.

After all that excitement we still had a few classes and that meant being dazzled by the Apatcheez creations. Here’s some of what we saw – 

2Robyns-aussie-quilt Winner's Circle

Robyn tried to hide but it’s her behind her Aussie floral quilt;

91-Faiths-Origamis-quilt Winner's Circle

Faith finished her japanese quilt but it is too big for us to photograph (although there’s a sneak peek). She has promised to photograph it on a bed and show us next time.

92-Dianes-chair Winner's Circle

Diane did a beautiful job on this chair – Dad thought so too – and he’s an upholsterer so he would know.

While we’re on the homefront, take a look at this unusual project. 

lorraine-Collins-lampshade-e1534755333678 Winner's Circle

One of my new customers went to a lampshade course and wanted fabric to match her rather nice gin bottle – et voila – Kaffe fassett Collective came to the rescue. Pretty wild isn’t it

During July I was asked to attend the Gold Coast Quilters’ meeting at Burleigh Waters. This is really quite a lively group and as I wandered around it was wonderful to see all the different techniques in their projects.

8-Gold-Coast-Quilters Winner's Circle

9-Gold-Coast-Quilters-1024x392 Winner's Circle

Sometimes there are giveaways at Apatchy and, when the prize is fabric, it’s nice to see that it is used. Here’s a few projects from Jane that have been made from gifts or prizes – and now they are the gifts!

96Janes-bags-768x1024 Winner's Circle

97Janes-bag-768x1024 Winner's Circle

99-janes-Bag-768x1024 Winner's Circle

Speaking of gifts, I had a birthday last month. One of the nice things about having a quilt shop is that sometimes you receive handmade gifts.  Don’t get me wrong any gift is very much appreciated but I thought you’d like to see these handmade items – 

6-Junes-purse Winner's Circle 

June made this purse a little while ago and I mentioned how nice it was – and now it’s mine – big smile at that. 

7-jans-coasters Winner's Circle

And while Jan confessed that she didn’t personally make these coasters I thought you might like to see them as they are a great design (and it’s Christmas coming up). Mum made me a fabulous rooster complete with sequined wattle but I’ll have to show you that next time too.

Speaking of birthdays, if you’ve been on a desert island for the last six months you may not have heard that Apatchy Quilting is ten years old. 

10_birthday_l2-1 Winner's Circle

-not a bad achievement in this day and age – so naturally we are going to celebrate, and how better to do that than with cake and quilts!!

Our 10th birthday party and Challenge reveal is to be held this Saturday. Give me a call if you need the details. 

And again, speaking of achievements a couple of my quilts did well at the EKKA (Royal Queensland Show). I was very proud to find out that ‘Wild Thing’ won 1st prize in the Professional Small Quilt category – 

94-Wild-Thing-1st Winner's Circle

‘Wild Thing’ was inspired by a photograph by Andy Kellie and he kindly gave me permission to use it in this quilt. The image is of Nick – front man of the band ‘Vesper Green’ in which the teenager-in-residence play bass guitar. (Actually he’s had a birthday too and he’s no longer a teenager so we’ll be needing a new name for him). I made the photo a negative and played up the colours to exaggerate the movement and heat. It was my entry for the challenge last year. Then last month I took it off the wall and densely quilted it with flames to exaggerate the heat even more.

Along with ‘Wild Thing’ my  ‘Ebb and Flow’ won 3rd prize in the Open Art Quilt category – 

93-AAl-3rd Winner's Circle

This was my attempt to make a photo realistic quilt and it too was inspired by a photo taken by Melissa Delong who kindly gave her permission to use it. Here’s the original photograph – 

FullSizeRender-15 Winner's Circle

Luvvy is a marine surveyor and has surveyed this ship so I thought I would make a quilt that was relevant to his work. 

‘Wild Thing”s 1st meant that, like last year, I was a guest at the Governor’s pavilion for morning tea with the other major prizewinners, which was a very nice way to spend a morning. Afterwards we were able to wander around the fabulous quilts at the show. If you haven’t been for years you really should put it on the list for next year – the quilts alone are superb.

. And while we’re on the subject of prizewinners, tell me if you think Robyne’s latest ballerina quilt isn’t a contender for a prize in the next quilt show – 

95Robynes-ballerina Winner's Circle

Isn’t it lovely? If that doesn’t inspire you , nothing will.

It’s been a pretty good month. Until next time happy quilting





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Jane Holloway
Jane Holloway

Happy 10th Birthday to Apatchy Quilting! Such a privilege to be a member of the dynamic Apatchy family and sharing in Kaye’s and our mates successes. Best wishes for the next 10 years.

lynette henry
lynette henry

Such a fabulous quilt by Robyne. Definitely a winner some time soon. Kaye as always your quilts are amazing and I’m so in awe of your skill. I’m sorry I won’t be at the 10th Birthday celebrations but I am returning from Port Macquarie in the next few weeks. Best wishes to all and look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of my Challenge entry! Lynette Henry


Such a great achievement!! Elvis just soars above the rest. Will be exciting for you to see in the flesh later this year. Kaye you are amazing.Congratulations on the wins!…..looking forward to the 10th celebrations this Saturday.

Sue Burchett
Sue Burchett

Elvis is fantastic it will look terrific in Houston. Congrats on the wins in the show, well done you!!!!. Happy 10th Anniversary, such a wonderful group always enjoy my time with you all. Sorry I can’t be with you this Saturday. Love to you all. Sue B. xx

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