Winter is for Quilting

Although we don’t care too much about the weather, June in Brisbane is always a great time to get stuck into a project and to start to work on that winter quilting programme. The fierce heat of summer is but a memory and the cooler weather starts to seep in. Sure we don’t see the beautiful snowy landscapes that a colder climate might enjoy, but as soon as the thermometer dips below 240 you see people wrapped in scarves and the shorter days tell us that winter is nigh. In other words – perfect quilting weather.

You might remember, from my last post, that I mentioned about the multiple deliveries of fabrics. What I didn’t mention was the Parisian-inspired range Le Cafe.

IMG_8906-e1497847198746-768x1024 Winter is for Quilting 

This lovely fabric came together quite quickly over one of those cooler weeks into this rather nice throw quilt – and you’ll no doubt note the mitered corners. 

IMG_4845 Winter is for Quilting

This pattern is a freebie from the manufacturer and uses everything in the range so there’s lots to enjoy.

Other hot releases include –

Mermaid Days – 

IMG_8904-e1497849374690-768x1024 Winter is for Quilting

and those who have been infected by the hexie virus can indulge their obsession with shape shifting from Sue Daley and others 

IMG_8905-e1497849483630-768x1024 Winter is for Quilting 

Then there’s Tula Pink’s new range – Tabby Road – the secret life of the house cat.

IMG_4846-1 Winter is for Quilting

There are actually several more new releases but you will have to come in to visit to see them!

Of course with all this inspiration the Apatcheez have been busy creating. Here’s what they’ve been up to since last we spoke – 

Julia is our resident couturier and she finished a Kaffe Fassett fabric blouse 

IMG_8617-768x1024 Winter is for Quilting

and this Japanese-inspired bag

IMG_8619-768x1024 Winter is for Quilting

Not content with that much creativity Julia travelled to Urunga for Caroline Sharkey’s Textile Art workshop and came home with this beauty


IMG_8849-768x1024 Winter is for Quilting

Not to be outdone Margaret starred in more than one show-and-tell session with her latest project finishes – 

IMG_8625-e1497849743723-951x1024 Winter is for Quilting


IMG_8730-e1497849806760-919x1024 Winter is for Quilting

Jane finished the Perfect Day quilt – a project that’s been on the go for a little while

IMG_8640-e1497850039372-986x1024 Winter is for Quilting

IMG_8643-768x1024 Winter is for Quilting

Robyne finished this delightful bag

IMG_8724-768x1024 Winter is for Quilting

and Estelle made a young girl very happy with this project – 

IMG_8893-e1497850543484-962x1024 Winter is for Quilting

Speaking of Frozen, maybe it was all the rain we had last week or the water-themed fabrics that seem to abound but inspiration was everywhere. The raindrops accumulated on our poinsettia looked like mercury and surely would be inspiration for a quilt – 

Poinsettia-collage-1024x1024 Winter is for Quilting

And speaking of water – I am, as we speak, in the middle of a new art quilt that’s also water-themed. This time I’m taking a break from the colourful portraits and I’m going for photo-realism. I’m trying to build a bulk carrier – that’s a ship – a big one – designed to carry, wait for it, bulk cargo! Here’s the project so far. There’s a long way to go but I’ll share as I go along if you like.

IMG_8896-e1497853656224-1024x761 Winter is for Quilting

There are lots of little bits in this project. What I need is something to put them in – like one of the button boats Sharyn made for example – 

IMG_4851-e1497853750727 Winter is for Quilting

I’ll just add that to my list. Hope you’re inspired to work on yours (list that is). Until next time

Happy quilting



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Kaye , your quilt is a winner already ….. It’s detail is extraordinary.
Can’t wait to see it progress!

Dee Gaudern
Dee Gaudern

Loved the new website, cannot wait to get back there, which I hope will be soon.
It appears that the girls have been very productive, where to they get all their ideas from?
Viewing all these wonderful items has really cheered up my days – THANK YOU, each and everyone of you.
And Kaye, love the look of the Cargo Chip – you really are incredible.

See you soon,



Peta Bunter
Peta Bunter

As always great to see all the eye candy from those wonderfully talented ladies.
thanks peta

Susan Burchett
Susan Burchett

Some lovely work coming through from your girls. Love your quilt so far, looking forward to seeing the progress. Hi to all. Sue B

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