Apatchy Sampler – weekly class


The sampler quilt is the traditional way to learn how to make a quilt. That doesn’t mean your quilt has to look old-fashioned. Come along and create your first quilt and learn various techniques along the way. You’ll start with the easiest block and work your way through to some that look tricky (but we’ll show you they aren’t).  All the while you’ll be perfecting your quilting techniques and picking up valuable tips. You’ll end up with a beautiful quilt to impress your friends.

The sampler quilt has 12 blocks – we plan to tackle one each week then another week for sashing and another for quilting then one more for binding. Et Voilà – your first quilt.

The classes cost $25 until you finish (we think that should take around 15 weeks but you can always extend the time). We go at your pace and if you miss a lesson you pick it up next time you come to class – we’re very flexible. You will need to buy some supplies here too (fabric, rotary cutter and batting) but all the rulers, mats and thread are supplied.


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