Deco Foil Transfer Sheets 5 pk Gold


iCraft® DECO?FOIL™ line is a fun and creative way to add vibrant color, brilliant shine and a metallic or satin finish to any project! Great for use on fabric, paper, wood and other porous surfaces! iCraft® DECO?FOIL™ Liquid, White Foam and Hot Melt Transfer Adhesives are very durable and make it easy to apply foils to a variety of craft projects.

There are 5 sheets – 6 in x 12 in (15.2 cm x 30.5 cm)

These sheets are acid-free for use on paper, fabric or porous surfaces. Note – you need an adhesive to use this – iCraft® DECO?FOIL™ adhesives (liquid, foam and hot melt transfer adhesives). The product is washable on fabrics.

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